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Adam Borzič                            CZE
Video, 2:39 min

Poem, voiceover: Adam Borzič

Screenplay, drawing:  Dominika Slavická 

Camera: Lukáš Slavický

Translations: Natalie Nera

Sound: Moby - Live Ambient 9; Mean Moon - Counter-Earth (transformed)

Adam Borzic_JARO (1)_edited.jpg

The video is a treatment of the poem “Spring with the Crown of Virus” that Adam Borzič wrote at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. It reflects the period energy which, in addition to anxiety, included traces of hope as well. With regard to the later development of the pandemic and social situation, the text is a specific document of its era. Borzič has worked on the video with Dominika Slavická and Lukáš Slavický.

Adam Borzič (1978) is a poet, essayist, therapist, and editor-in-chief of the Tvar literary weekly. He co-founded the Fantasía group of poets and co-released a collective effort entitled “Fantasía” (Dauphin, 2008). He also published his collections of poems entitled Rozevírání (Opening Up; Dauphin, 2011); Počasí v Evropě (The Weather in Europe; Malvern, 2013), nominated for the Magnesia Litera Award in 2014; Orfické linie (Orphic Lines; Malvern, 2015); Západo-východní zrcadla (Westerly Eastern Mirrors; Malvern, 2018); and Šišky se za úsvitu lstivě smějí (Cones Laugh Slyly at Dawn; Malvern, 2020). Along with Ondřej Slačálek and Olga Pavlová, he published the monograph “Proroci post-utopického radikalismu: Alexandr Dugin a Hakim Bey” (Prophets of Post-Utopian Radicalism: Alexander Dugin and Hakim Bey; Vyšehrad, 2018). His poems were translated into several languages of the world. A presentational selection of his poems, translated into Serbian by Biserka Rajčić under the title Vreme u Evropi i druge pesme, was released in 2019. Kétos publishers in Vienna released his poetic cycle Dějiny nitě (The History of Thread) in a Czech-German version in 2020.

Dominika Slavická (1993) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts’ Printmaking Studio in 2020. Her genres are drawing, graphics and sculpture, and her field of interest is environmental topics.

Lukáš Slavický (1996) is the final year student of the Painting Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts.

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