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Alina Aldea            RUM           
CELLS, 2020
2D animation video, 2:22 min

Alina Aldea_cells_01-2 (1).jpeg

“Cells evoke an organic microscopic universe transposed into a visible form. The images can be interpreted as a laboratory of experiments involving a human observer. When arranged in a matrix, cells evoke the idea of predetermined control and system where events cannot be possible. The choice of using spherical shapes is not accidental: the sphere is considered to be the shape that comes closest to perfection, yet in nature it is often found in approximation. Cells become the study of alienation in possible research trajectories. The drawn cells were translated into animated video language to emphasise and emulate a living organism.”

Born in Tăşnad, Romania in 1974, Alina Aldea is a graduate of the Sculpture Section of the Bucharest University of Arts where she was awarded with the Doctor of Visual Arts degree in 2011. Her projects question materiality as an autonomous means of expression in visual art, introducing, through alternative means, forms of perception that evoke virtualisation, illusion, volatility, and hybridisation of reality. Virtual reality and digitalisation in artistic practice is and will be another means of expression, discovered in the recent centuries as a result of technological advances. Alina’s works have been exhibited widely including international events such as the Mdina Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2020, the Florence Biennale in 2017 and the International Festival of Experimental Art in Venice in 2016.

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