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Alma Lily Rayner                                                         IZR/CZE
WOULD YOU LIKE A COOKIE? A collective testimony of 11 young women. 2016
Video performance, 15:45 min

Concept and body: Alma Lily Rayner

Camera: Barbora Kleinhamplová

YouTube participants: Torii, Marry, Katy, Charlotte, Anonymous, Phoenix, Livv, Marilyn, Rose, Sierra a Jade

Rayner_Cookie_01 (1).jpg

The project explores the ways in which survivors of sexualised violence use social media platforms to manifest and reclaim their stories. My research was focused on YouTube where I was able to find hundreds of confession videos posted by female survivors. Those who contributed their videos to my project were also in charge of the supplied content. Through this increasingly popular form of cyberactivism, a universal language for the “unspeakable” is being reconstructed. Thereby, the voice of trauma is no longer exclusively dictated by external authorities; instead, it emerges from within.

Alma Lily Rayner is a multidisciplinary artist and feminist activist of Israeli origin living in Prague. Her work concentrates on socio-political issues related to gender, trauma and invisible forms of violence. Although her projects are highly personal, they are connected to long-term research and questioning of the dominant systems of power. The artist works with various digital media, audiovisual “residual material” and text or the spoken word. Her works are usually supplemented by series of joint meetings or discussions. She has presented her works, which often extend into public space, in Prague as well as in Berlin, Paris, Jerusalem and Venice. She is one of the holders of the 2020 Jindřich Chalupecký Award.

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