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5. 9. 2021   6pm
Darina Alster & Saydie Vell: PIETY
Chapel of St.John of Nepomuk, Vojan gardens


A piety where nobody dies – they just wake up. The central figure of the piety is the big cosmic Mother. The night sky, which forms the Mother’s body, brings tears to the eyes with its expansiveness. The Mother is holding her daughter in her arms. The daughter is not dead – she is asleep and trembling like a moth while the Mother gently ties her down with a red thread of her love. Darina Alster and performer Saydie Vell are creating an erotic variation on the piety theme. The authors work with tension between two women of two different generations. This offers a lot of room for dreaming. The viewers who want to see the Piety live will be asked to participate in the performance by walking a magical shape in the urban landscape around. 

Darina Alster is the artist who sees herself as an author who clearly works with statements about the borders of limits of today's world. Disrupts conventionally perceived boundaries and opens the taboos which are crucial to society. She is focused on the immediate social facts but also on immutable givens of the human soul, archetypes and mystery. Along with the performance and visual arts, she is also engaged in publishing and pedagogical work. Since 2016 she is in charge of Mothers Artlovers collective in Prague. From 2019  together with Kateřina Olivová she is teaching the New Media II studio in Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

In her performances, Saydie Vell systematically examines the meaning of the word conformity. She embodies ethereal beings, superheroes, moths and other erotic archetypes. Sexuality she perceives as the essence of life. She likes to work with ropes. Since 2019 she has been a student at Atelier Nová Média II at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

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