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Alvaro Aroca Cordova /CHL/
The Power of the Skin, 2022

Video, 10:36

The relationship between who we are and what we project in the virtual world is closely related to our desire to be different. We gain power over who we are, the power to be our own skin, a filter, and to manipulate our reality... How does this powerful tool affect us? We do not realise it until our lives depend on it. The author experiments with changing identities – skins, creating schizophrenic situations. His style of work is physical, deeply penetrating and emotionally charged.

Thanks to:  Centre for Visual Arts Southeast (CBK ZUIDOOST) of Amsterdam

Alvaro Aroca Cordova_The power of the skin_1_3.png

Alvaro Aroca Cordova (Chile, 1979) is an artist and transdisciplinary researcher. He is completing his PHD in Art at the University of the Basque Country (Spain). He uses installations, videos and paintings in his multimedia artistic practice based on his artistic research into the relationship between man and nature. He sees the western concept of nature as a captive construct of modernity. The decolonial aesthetics help him to imagine, recreate and contextualize different ways of handling our bodies and our surroundings. He contests the dualistic concept of the world through symbolic expressions and living the blind spots of our historical experience from the periphery of our knowledge.

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