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Andrew J Burford /ZAF,GER/
I Found Out, 2020 - 2021
Video, 6:37

A series of forty single-channel videos played simultaneously presents a chorus of privileged and ignorant white men. In each of the videos, the artist himself sings a popular song, each time in front of a different photographic record of a significant event in recent history. These background scenes reference the imbalance of power in favour of white men and their apathetic approach to redressing it. Together, the videos create a chaotic chorus of discordant singing in which the words of each song are lost. We watch as the white man dwells undisturbed in his bubble of happiness and personal opportunity, unperturbed by the horrific background events of his existence.

Andrew Burford_I found out.jpg

Andrew J Burford is a queer artist who was raised in Cape Town (South Africa), completed his degree in London, lived in Australia, and currently resides in Berlin. He has spoken and taken part in exhibitions internationally in the USA, Australia, Germany, South America and the United Kingdom. Through the use of multimedia, he seeks an understanding of the fractured modes of being within cultures of masculine display and the construct of white masculinity, both historically and in contemporarily.

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