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18. 9. 2022   18:30
Colloredo- Mansfeld palace / Prague 1


The performance reflects in a playful manner the duality of the reality as such and the live stream captured by a smartphone. By placing the gadget in a bird cage, they alter the viewing angle as it is seen in the digital domain. The audience in the real space will see that the smartphone becomes the prisoner. It is part metaphor and part a change of the observer’s position: it is a scientific fact that reality affects observation, but also, observation affects reality. The performers cover their identities with a mixture of materials, which look like Photoshop filters as seen via social networks, and it results in distortion of the action. This way the social identity of the performance departs from the identity of the real performance. The smartphone is not a credible: it can become a means of manipulation depending on the external conditions it is used within.

The performance belongs to a wider body of work, “observation affects reality (fuzzy homage to Fluxus)”.

AnimaeNoctis Liar Layers 1.jpg


is a multimedia duo from Italy made up by Silvia Marcantoni Taddei & Massimo Sannelli. They are a polymorphous factory and a multimedia agency. They deal with antispecism, nonbinary/dappled identity, and amusable avantgarde. They have performed and exhibited frequently in Europe and overseas. Their artistic name comments on the ability to survive and escape the night of the souls by multidisciplinarity: they are musicians, filmmakers, photographers, models, performers and 3D item makers. In their work they often use garbage, free programs, common instruments and their own bodies. In 3D works and as well as cinematic elements they typically use twines or ropes, metal pieces taken from abandoned houses, soil, ancient objects, glasses, wood, and plush. Each material is loaded with meaning: metal is resistance and the capability of aggregating in new shapes;  glass is fragility that must stay unbroken; the mirror is a duplication of the body and pays homage to the quantum physics principle of “observation affects reality”.

They believe that fun can be engaged, and nakedness is political as pleasure.

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