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Anna Camilla Elisabet Holter         SWE


Serie of 7 short films, 4-6 minutes

Initiator and Director: Anna Holter 

Starring: Adrián Castelló, Alacoque Ntome, Bernadette Leitner, Bernardo San Rafael, Carolina Czechowska, Chiharu Mamiya, Darwin Diaz, Elena Kofiná, Elisa Marschall, Elodie Lavoignat, Francesca Perrucci, Hayato Yamaguchi, Hu-Han Hu, Iza Szostak, Karen Bößer, Makoto Sakurai, Paula Helander, Phaedra Pisimisi, Ruth Rebekka Hansen, Yuta Hamagutchi, Anna Holter

Film editor: Anna Holter

Music: Toni Martin Dobrzanski, Christian Heiss, Michael Heilrath Dramaturgy: Johannes Schmid

an Anna Holter + Company production supported by Goethe Institut Schweden, Goethe Institut Warschau and The Swedish Arts Council

Ruth_1_Moving Isolation_Anna Holter + Company.jpg

Dancing is movement, meeting is movement, solidarity is movement, living is movement. But how can one move in a time of isolation? The situation of restrictions is not only giving us boundaries – it is also forcing us to find solutions for breaking them. The current regulations force us to be imaginative and creative, and make us stronger. At least for a while. We are forced to connect in other ways that would not have crossed our minds otherwise. Moving Isolation brings together some of the world’s best dancers who meet online to find new ways to perform together whilst being completely alone.

Anna Camilla Elisabet Holter works as artistic director and choreographer for Anna Holter + Company. She also worked as choreographer for productions at Teatro alla Scala, Salzburger Festspiele, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Oper Dortmund, Oper Bonn, Bayerische Staatsschauspiel in Munich, Malmö Stadsteater, Theater Konstanz, Theater St Gallen, Junge Oper Nationaltheater Mannheim, as well as for smaller independent theatre groups and for film.

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