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4. 9. 2021   6pm
Denis Baštuga & Nephro Studio: BACTIHUB+ 
NTK Gallery, Prague 6


Bactihub+ covers the topic of ecosystem functionality, illustrating the various symbiotic relationships within the environment that operate similarly to the Internet. Primary emphasis is placed on sharing and on interspecies communication (between plants and higher animals), on communication – the dialects of the flora and fauna that communicate the conditions for life and the threat of a predator. The project is a hybrid spanning multiple fields; it combines visual, motion and science components. An illustrative action (an object with components and the performers) communicate the defined problem and push the project to a documentary form. Bactihub+ includes the representatives of the fauna, flora, technology and human activity. The author drew inspiration for the project from the current situation of rainforests, soil compaction, brownfields, climate change, growing waste generation, etc. Baštuga wants to illustrate what the individual issues mean and what their impacts are to the viewers. At the same time, he is trying to escape a subjective view of the topic influenced by his own ego and point to the necessity of sharing our collective consciousness. This living documentary is meant to be revealing rather than instructional. It is intended to encourage the audience to explore rather than reconsider.



Denis Baštuga (*1994, Púchov) is currently a painting student at Vladimír Skrepl’s Painting II Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He is inspired by psychology theories, gender fluidity, the diversity of body features. His procedural work combines painting, performance and sculptural experimentation with attributes of surreal aesthetics. Together with Lena Luga, he founded the Nephro studio, which serves as a platform for performers and artists from various backgrounds, and focuses besides photo and video on conceptual realizations. He is currently based in Prague.

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