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Bengisu Uykusu /TUR/ 
Your Own Personal Buddha, 2021
Video, 3:17

Real life is full of constraints and barriers that one must struggle to overcome day after day, often experiencing feelings of loneliness and anxiety. However, the anonymity and benevolence of the social media community offer a reliable shelter to achieve serenity and a sense of security. With a bit of hyperbole, the instructional video suggests the most effective approach to portraying one’s ideal self in the virtual world is to first introduce one’s own religious cult. In her video, the Turkish author shows the process of creating one’s own image of a spiritual leader - one’s personal Buddha. With the help of filters, emoticons, and other popular online tools, creating your own alter ego becomes remarkably meditative.

This work is a tribute to Nam June Paik and Martin Gore. It is a work of fiction. It is not intended to outrage, insult or hurt any religion or religious organisation, the beliefs or feelings of any person or community.

Thanks to: Orkun Oral

bengisu uykusu_YourOwnPersonalBuddha2(1).png

Bengisu Uykusu is a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of photography, video and sound art. She studied at SAE Institute İstanbul (Major: Cinema & TV), Bahcesehir University Music Department (Major: Jazz) and received her BA degree from Istanbul Bilgi University (Major: Music) As part of the Erasmus exchange programme, she stayed at the Malmö Music Academy – Electroacoustic Music Composition Department in Sweden. Uykusu works for documentary video production companies and advertising agencies. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions and performances around the world.

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