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blanche the vidiot                      HUN   
(Szabina Péter and Kristóf János Bodnár)     
Video, 04:31 min

blanche the vidiot_restored.jpg

The video is about humans and nature, illness, love, and the relationships between them all.


Szabina Péter Born in Ózd, Hungary in 1987, she lives and works in Debrecen, Hungary. She graduated from the University of Debrecen with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a master’s degree in aesthetics, and is currently a lecturer. Besides her writings and research being published in journal articles and books, she is also an active visual artist. Her current creations are in the field of video art and intermedia, in which she combines her experience in painting and photography..

Kristóf János Bodnár Born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary in 1984, he received his master’s degree and PhD in philosophy from the University of Debrecen, and an MSc in Bioethics from Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai. Besides his academic activities and research, he also holds a certificate in sound engineering. His primary field of interest is sound synthesis and sound design, with particular regard to the sounds of video art. He is currently creating inter- and multimedia content, primarily by means of digital videography.

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