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Chen Jiexiao        SGP      
Video, 15: 07 min

Concept, direction, cinematography, editing: Chen Jiexiao

Starring/ hrají: Liu Xuan, Han Bin Jing, Xu Jing

Guangzhou sound clips: Huang Yi Jing

Translations/ překlady: Mi Xiao Guan, Chen Jiexiao

Special thanks/ poděkování: Er Gao Dance production group

Chen Jeixao_Amarithine (2).jpg

From the observations of the daily life in Guangzhou to the chilling conciliation with the untold sacrificial stories underlying gentrification. Smell the flower’s fragrance, taste the bruise and blood.

The film discusses the topic of gentrification and its dissociative impact on humans, particularly those who suffer the blunt end of the violence that land acquisition entails; yet, with the passage of time, as well as with the arrival of material and technological comforts, people become impervious to their plights – a symptom of a society that lacks empathy: a world without the sense of togetherness, even though it is seemingly ever more connected in the virtual realm. 

The artistic director of the Miao Dance collective, Chen Jiexiao is currently also the director of the Rice Bowl Pixels production house and a swimming instructor. His dance films have been selected for more than 80 festivals internationally, winning awards such as the Best Direction, Best Video Art, Best Concept and Best Sound Design. Jiexiao is primarily concerned with topics relating to the human condition, in particular the notions of loneliness and capriciousness.

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