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Dejan Jankov                SRB       
Video performance

Cameraman: Marko Kaćanski, Vojin Ivkov, Aleksandar Erbes

Video editing: Marko Kaćanski

Dejan Jankov_message of life (1).jpg

Dejan Jankov from Serbia started working on his participatory project already during the summer holidays. Throughout several months, the artist addressed hundreds of random people in the residential and recreational area of Novi Sad with a request to write a most important MESSAGE OF THEIR LIFE on a piece of paper and then fold it into a miniature helicopter. The video follows the artist as he climbs on the top of one of the tall buildings in the Novo Naselje nighbourhood of Novi Sad. Being released into the air, countless small paper-folded propellers, which conceal a message addressed to the absolute, spread over the city descend surprising the passers-by. The performance act thus creates a phantom connection between the unsaid and the unexpected.

Dejan Jankov (1975) is a sculptor who graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia in 2006. As part of his personal artistic research, he directly and indirectly develops a generic flow in several projects, purporting to examine the actual causes of the birth of a creative personality who, regardless of the conditions, space and time, independently decides to pursue specific activities resulting in an artistic act. This methodology transcends the boundaries of an art studio where there is room for a relaxed dialogue about balancing life and art – which is geared towards representing all available resources and means from the author’s environment for formation in a new context. In the summer of 2020, he joined the Magic Carpets residency programme in Prague. He is currently working on the Inclusive Gallery project in Novi Sad where he mediates art to the general public with special regard to people with disabilities.

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