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Dyó Potyguara                                       BRA
Video performance,  9:30 min

Dyo portuguara2.png

Dyó Potyguara’s performance is staged as the l3n1r4 user-entity practicing contact and improvisation with the founding elements (earth, fire, air, water). Using microapparitions in different types of scrubland around the globe that he accumulated throughout 2021, he is mooring the presence and absence of the body that flees, fights and celebrates. It is an attempt to incarnate the Earth, a radical step at the crossroads towards transplanting the collective body in order for it to recover from the colonial aftermath.


Dyó Potyguara is Diogenes Magno (94), a non-binary bixa multimedia artist trained in graphic design and environmental education. His research is guided by Amphrican cosmotechnologies and decolonial perspective. Through the use of ‘rastros de diogenes’ he develops performances and pedagogical and/or visual schemes in presence and virtuality. He is the curator of the Gira Performances platform. Originally from Mamanguape (Paraíba State), he lives and works in Niterói, Brazil.

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