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Elyandra Widharta                IDN  


Video (performance), 5:35 min

NetraStudio and Elyandra production

Music: Wasis Tanata

Director of Photography: Omega Setya

Assistant Photography: Yoppy Arisandi

Elyandra Widharta2.jpg

Desir (swish), Akar (root), Debur (waves) is all about human meditation as a means of getting intimate with nature by feeling the vibes and listening to the sounds of nature carefully: the sound of sand, the sound of roots and the sound of the waves crashing. In a situation of information terror during this fast-paced and changing pandemic, humans need to calm down, tuning to a slower tempo by listening to nature’s sounds again. The purpose is to stay awake in the present, balance the temper and avoid wasting energy.

Elyandra Widharta is a performance artist and theatre actor from Indonesia. His performance work draws themes and inspiration from prose, mythology, tradition and modern rites. The subject matter that he uses combines related objects with the universe as articulation space.

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