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Sherry Erskine & Bonnie Sue Stein /USA/
Relay-Delay, 2022
Video, 13:10

RELAY-DELAY is the result of an online collaboration through Zoom and other platforms during the 2021 pandemic. Erskine + Stein explored concepts of isolation, interconnectedness and the fragmented sense of reality they experienced. They asked each other questions about current issues, which they answered with short performative videos and soundtracks. The artists used their bodies, wrapped in fabric, as projection screens reflecting their inner psychological development throughout the year. The fabric enhances the dreamlike quality of the videos: isolating, concealing, confining, or evoking tensions in the human body to suggest an archetypal identity that transcends age, race and gender.


Performers, directors: Sherry Erskine & Bonnie Sue Stein

Editor: Sherry Erskine

Producer: Bonnie Sue Stein

Sonic Consultation: John K Erskine


IGUANA Collaborative was founded in 1976 by three artists originally from Detroit, Michigan, USA: Sherry Erskine and Bonnie Sue Stein, along with John K Erskine. IGUANA creates hybrid analogue/digital works using photography and video, performance, installation and sound art. They are explorers and experimenters with the goal of evoking new experiences in viewers through their interdisciplinary work.

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