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6. 9. 2021   10am
Viktor Fuček:  E.COLI
Bratislava, Slovakia

Fucek - 8.jpg

“Along the lines of Debra Benita Shaw’s posthuman urbanism, we explore the dark nooks of the city, that is to say, places that are out of control. The expansion of our bodies through the Internet gives us tools for live sharing. We want to share our different journeys, mucking about the city, through which we will seek the sacred places situated outside of the rationalised view or perspective. To that end, we will form alliances with human and non-human creatures inhabiting the city (from pigeons to E.coli). We will use our bodies incorrectly, so that they do not fit in with the idea of how bodies should act in a city. We want to disrupt such urban codes through performance. A performer escapes the idea of a controlled body with their ‘ugly behaviour’. We will share our movement through the city online, in seeking and commenting on the unseen.”

Viktor Fuček (1977) is a graduated architect and fine artist, an alumnus of the Studio of Conceptual Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He is currently involved in doctoral research at the Intermedia Studio of the Academy of Arts in v Banská Bystrica (Slovakia). In his dissertation, he focuses on combining performance and architecture on the basis of an enhanced approach to space through body, choreography, sound and other input. He was a finalist of the Oskár Čepan Young Visual Artists Award (2015) and the Novum Foundation Award (2017). He is currently a Research Assistant in the INTRA research project at Vienna’s Die Angewandte.

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