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Stanislav Glazov, Natalie Golubenko       RUS/DEU 
Video animation, 20:37 min

Golubenko_Glazov_Boiling Earth01 (3).jpg

On the verge of a new epoch, Stanislav Glazov and Natalie Golubenko created “Boiling Earth”, an audiovisual work that asks what humanity’s place in the Universe is. The concept emerged from the feeling of helplessness while watching yet another disaster hitting the world. Through creative fictional and non-fictional engagement with video content, the emotive and the sensual is accessed.

Natalie Golubenko is a Russian-born art director, video producer and multidisciplinary artist. Natalie is a producer of creative, story-based content, who has a passion for video storytelling and works primarily with video installations, photography, and multidisciplinary online performances. In 2018 she moved to Berlin and joined the Licht.Pfad visual art studio as a creative executive director. In 2019 she established a video and photo production agency named Myopia Studios, which provides a variety of services including conceptual scripting, storyboarding, production management, post production, interactive media and video production.


Stanislav Glazov is a Russian-born visual artist, musician, and photographer based in Berlin. He has worked in the fields of light and visual art for over fifteen years, and he is constantly searching for innovative opportunities at the intersection of art and technology. Driven by his audiovisual expertise and a perpetual desire to create unforgettable experiences that inspire a strong emotional response, he adopts an individualised approach to each of his works, creating unique technical algorithms and synchronising sound with cinematic visuals and abstract digital shapes. As the head of Licht.Pfad, an interdisciplinary art and design studio founded in 2013, Glazov brought his works to different events and venues around the world. Taking on visual design, animation, video production, software development, and 3D mapping, Licht.Pfad produces immersive installations from the ground up.

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