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Hans Christian van Nijkerk /NOR,NDL/
Work-Life Imbalance, 2022
Short film, 24:08

This short film from the time of the covid pandemic is based on a societal trend where, especially with the widespread use of home office and online work, the distinction between work and leisure is blurring. In the video, the author stages and documents the progression of 'work' and 'leisure' in his home office in Stavanger, Norway, during the quarantine. Close-ups of individual activities show in plastic detail the gradual erosion of self-discipline, the increasing apathy and loss of perception of the meaning of individual tasks. Clocks, coffee machines, washing machines and other devices performing "work" without regard for limbs are shown among activities from a time when time had changed its meaning and was (or still is?) experienced differently. Through video-staging, allowing us to see ourselves from the outside – the author increases his – and perhaps our – awareness of the activities we perform.


Camera and assistance: Katrine Lea

Hans Christian van Nijkerk_Work-Life Imbalance (video still) 1.jpg

Hans Christian van Nijkerk, originally from Amsterdam, is a performance artist, visual artist and musician based in Stavanger, Norway. After a successful career as a middle distance runner and years of gaining stage experience through musical performances, he graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Art in Tromsø. Hans Christian often uses theatrical or cinematic approaches, portrays various stage characters, is both serious and playful, and plays with the audience through social and psychological interactions and experiments. Some of his videos use documentary elements to experiment with storytelling. Since 2013 Hans Christian has exhibited his performative works in numerous exhibitions and festivals in twelve countries.

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