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7. 9. 2021   10am
Vladimír Havlík: ROSE IS ROSE
Olomouc, Czech Republic


The perception of space, time and things has changed significantly during the pandemic, spent primarily in dwellings. Things seem to have come alive and emancipated, gaining the same right to being along with the apartment inhabitants. Vladimír Havlík’s object-oriented ontology is based on Gertrude Stein’s famous utterance, “Rose is a rose is a rose”. The monotonous rhythm should evoke ritual incantations… Isolation, a personal ritual, object-oriented ontology, a linguistic performance....


Vladimír Havlík’s (1959)  interest is focused on drawing, painting, visual poetry, video art, and most importantly, on performance art. His work is characterised by straddling the thin line between art and life, accompanied by permanent reflections on its own creative process. The events, performances and land art interventions that he has completed since the late 1970’s are characterised by distinctive poeticism, romance, innocence, gentle humour, obvious friendliness and cheerful exhibitionism. They are distinctive by a duality of nature – the urban environment, balancing between the seriously intentioned and immediately challenged element. The media “performance” and documenting it is also subjected to critical review in his current work.

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