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7. 9. 2021   6pm
David Helán & Eliška Perglerová:
Manifesto Florenc, Prague 1


David Helán’s and Eliška Perglerová’s project responds to the economic developments related to the (anticipated) planet lockdown. For example, a tire tube, inflated and applied to a passer-by, will measure their subcutaneous fat, thus calculating the rate of preparedness for inflation: “netřebažer trenažer” (no-need-to-eat simulator). “We are beginner reality brokers who are trying to hypothesise the public (hypnotise to reach for a mortgage loan). To that end, we plan on constructing a Magnetic Performance device. Our corporate philosophy is based on appropriating notions such as reality, redemption, creditor, etc. We try to elevate trading in realities to the level of a ceremony; in doing so, our company articulates the thesis on the full canonisation of any client we get our hands on. University of Fraudbusiness, Czech National Bank, Parasite Authority, Destabilishment, Self-losing Person, Fraudbusiness Insurers, Parasite Bank, Macroeconomics, Secret Police Officer of Erstebank. The surface of a magnet will gradually gather items such as key (we estimate the clients’ affluence by the number of keys), coins (the amount that we eventually mine will indicate tight-fistedness), and measuring instruments (tire – inflation; kitchen towels – bank butter; cutter with an angle gauge on the wrist – perspective in the blood, etc.).”

David Helán develops an originally conceived method based on an abstract, strictly linguistic perception of the world, which has to be continuously untangled or reverse-engineered, if you wish. The mental reins, which should immediately help him to pursue his activity and which express the activity the best, are the notions “neaupairm”, “novononkonfrontno” and “multiether”.

Eliška Perglerová graduated from Prague’s AVU in sculpture and monumental works. Her own creative work oscillates between sculpture, installation, performance and happening. She persistently explores anxiety, personal fear and the issue of concentration. She founded Galerie Jedna hodina along with Iveta Čermáková in 2016. She has worked with David Helán regularly since 2016. Perglerová also salvages old items, seeks treasures and makes wine experimentally.

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