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Suk Jin Hong  /KOR/
Room, 2022 
Video, 15:48

At the time of the coronavirus, we were forced to stay locked in our rooms and face isolation and solitude. When confined to a room, we can only imagine what is behind the walls, ceilings, and floors. The unknown behind the walls becomes a source of discomfort and anxious imagination. In the video, The Room, this fear of restricted space is translated into the movement, overlapping, and distorting of rooms. The structure of the rooms, as well as the lives of their inhabitants, mutate and disintegrate due to disrupted social structures to internal paranoia. Restless thoughts shatter the space again and again... But these rooms are not just in our heads – the spaces we inhabit online behave the same way. With the abundance of information and the rapid changes in the digital environment, the architecture of the virtual world is crumbling, and virtual spaces actively confuse and erode their inhabitants from within.

Performer: Um HyoBin


Jin Hong Suk_Room (7).png

Hong Suk Jin is based in Busan, South Korea. He graduated in architecture from the PuKyong National University and in integrated media from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. His visual art works primarily with multimedia performance, projection mapping, and video art. His work focuses mainly on exploring the technology within daily life and finding analogue locations within the digital landscape we live in.

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