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4. 9. 2021   12pm
Xinyi Fox Hu:
Geneva, Switzerland

Biennale Prague_XinyiHu kopie.jpg

Staying healthy became a somewhat more daunting task than ever before since the covid-19 pandemic health crisis. Health, as an important human right, is no longer a private subject – it is a public political engagement that is directly linked to the fundamental personal right of social activities. Highly Efficient Way to Get Healthy is a performance project that talks about the personal body experience that resonates with the bizarre time of the global lockdown. By parodying the stereotypes of well-being/standard body and the “homegym” trend – with people exercising following a coach on the screen at home – the performance illustrates how the endeavour of staying healthy can be absurd in a certain way when efficiency becomes an obsession. Ironically, in the current context, both are (conflictingly) required by the society’s productivism.


Born in Kaiping, Guangdong, China in 1992, Xinyi Fox Hu is a visual artist, performer and videographer, and an MBA student at the University of Art and Design, Geneva. Her artistic work uses performance and the representations of the body in socio-economic contexts. His practice reflects on the redefinition of the individual body in different social public conditions.

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