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7. 9. 2021   8pm
Piazzetta of the National Theatre, Prague 1

Concept: Jena Jang

Special Guest: Aldana Duoraan

Jena Jang_SUNUS_2021_Konvent puntzero, Barcelona, photo Joan Perramon2.jpg

The artwork title ‘rorrimirror’ visually expresses the symmetrical reflection of the word ‘mirror’. This performance is the third one in a series of Jena’s artistic research performances, Shamanism as Contemporary Art of Healing, which she started in 2019. The first piece, the Decalcomanias unconscious live painting performance (2020), materialised in Lisbon and the second piece, the Rhizome audiovisual dance performance (2021), was performed in Prague. The third work prepared for the Re-connect Art festival embodies a shaman’s ritual of communication with the digital art god that only exists in the virtual space; a screen and video projection. The performance illustrates the signal or special codes from the virtual space transferring into a big blank paper; from digital to analogue. The ‘Digital Shaman’, or myself, is not a professionally trained shaman but an artist who duplicates a shaman’s identity that exists only in the video archive and on the Internet; the replicated identity is a ‘digital avatar’, and it is intended to reflect ourselves on the pieces of the mirror of our unconsciousness. This performance is realised in collaboration with guest musician Aldana Duoraan. 


Jena Jang is a multimedia artist who combines performance with experimental sound and video art. She is currently pursuing a PhD degree at UJEP. Some of her award-winning animated films have been screened at global film festivals, including the Ibrida intermedia art festival in Italy, the Chronic Youth Film Festival in London and the UWPG film festival in Winnipeg, Canada, just to name a few. She is deeply interested in spirituality in art, primitivism and life circularity. This is why she has been working in multimedia and performance art projects attempting to connect ancient shamanism and contemporary art. Hailing originally from South Korea, Jena is currently based in Prague.

Aldana Duoraan was born and raised in a small village in Yakutia, playing the khomus, a traditional musical instrument from an early age. She has lived in the Czech Republic for 6 years, performing concerts, organising workshops and teaching the khomus playing technique.

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