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15. 9. 2022   19:30
Jiří Suchánek
Riverside / Hořejší embankment, Prague 5


Jiří Suchánek’s sound work is often created through sophisticated conceptual approaches such as the sonification of atomic data and weather or soil moisture analysis. In his improvised sound performance for the Re-connect Art festival, however, Jiří creates an original soundscape by blending a real acoustic “document” with virtual abstraction. It will thus be possible to hear and recognise fragments of many sounds, for example railings, railway stations, cracking wood, the rustling of clay, the tension of a vise, the buzzing of motorbikes... all of which are coloured by synthetic surfaces and microstructures. Jiří will abandon all, in a way, limiting conceptual approaches and let himself be freely inspired and guided by his vast sound bank and palette of instruments, which he will freely mix in his improvised set, blurring the boundaries between the two worlds.


Jiří Suchánek (1979)  is Czech sound and media artist, musician and multimedia experimenter focused on building permanent audio-light installations that are usually interactive and placed in natural or public spaces (like a cave, astronomic observatory or bridge). His artistic approach is synthetic. In his works, he combines sound, light, sculptural objects, electronics and code with carefully chosen spaces. Through his work he explores the relationship between nature, technology and durability of the electronic media in wild climatic situations. Jiří Suchánek is searching for alternative situations and places for presentation of media art. The subject of his works is sound which is expanded or articulated by other media and unexpected social situations. He also performs, playing his experimental electronic music based on sonification of atomic data.

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