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Johannes Deimling        DEU  


Video, 11:35 min

Concept, performance: Johannes Deimling

Camera: Monika Deimling

Snímek obrazovky 2021-06-03 v 19.38.12.png

The pandemic has brought challenges to many fields of life; a moment of togetherness is crucial for the performance art, which Johannes sees as a social art practice since it unfolds its true nature and force. The video work, “The Dance of the Receptors” by BBB Johannes Deimling, is part of the cycle titled “It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over”. It is a response to the restricted production process in the field of the performance art. The author combines the aspects of identity, aesthetics, humour and absurdity. 

BBB Johannes Deimling (1969) is an internationally renowned artist and educator. Of particular importance are his visual, poetic performative works. He has created the term “enacted images” (agierte Bilder) that describes his approach to performance art. BBB Johannes Deimling has invested much of his artistic research into the teaching and learning of performance art processes. His interest lies in the pedagogics, didactics and the social aspect of performance art. His works were presented at numerous performance festivals and events across Europe, Asia and Canada.

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