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6. 9. 2021   6pm
Kampus Hybernská, Prague 1


Figuration is a project that came into existence in 2020, initially as a set of photographs of various exercise positions, and it currently receives a new and movable form of live performance thanks to Re-connect Art. It is a schematic set of instructions for warming up our physical and social shells, combining corporeality with technology. The figure lacks human features and resembles a silhouette that is fitted with displays instead of body parts that we commonly associate with non-verbal communication (face, palms and foot soles). The displays are activated by specific movements and they depict non-verbal means of communication.

A graduate of the Painting Studio of Prague’s UMPRUM, guided by Jiří Černický, ka3ka3 focuses on various media such as painting, graphics, installations and performance. Since 2018, she has used the artistic moniker ka3ka3 [kashkash], which stems from a family nickname and embodies a freedom of expression for the author, primarily in her free works. Among other things, her projects explore and give a physical form to corporeality, internal and external relations, and the effect of the current digital dimensions on human psyche.

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