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Kailas Sreekumar            IND  


Video, 10:49 min

Kailas Sreekumar_Trust,Arrest,Rest,Trust..._3-min.png

Trust, arrest, rest, trust... is an absurdist response to the heightened level of COVID paranoia combined with xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia and other forms of authoritarianism fuelled by propagandists. At a time when we should be more humane and helpful, we are becoming increasingly insensitive and suspicious of each other due to the overwhelming inflow of misinformation and hate that attempts to target and demonise particular sections of society as the perpetrators behind the corona pandemic.

Kailas Sreekumar is a multidisciplinary artist based in Kerala, India. His works are a mix of performance and video art with a strong conceptual framework. Inspired by Deleuzian philosophy and Flux events, his work often employs absurdism and consists of idiosyncratic actions, using everyday objects to question the status quo by creating a destabilising effect.

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