Katharina Love         RUS


Video, 2:00 min

Snímek obrazovky (45)_edited.jpg

Coffins, corpses, healer masks, bones, rats, hungry dogs, hands, broken windows, sardonic laughter – such are the symbols of the “Feast in Time of Plague”. The inscription on the kaleidoscope says, “And, brewing feasts and balls for solace, we’ll glorify the Plague’s new crown”: a quote from Pushkin’s Little Tragedies’ Feast in Time of Plague (1900). A kaleidoscope makes up its own picture of the world from three pieces of glass. Rotating the kaleidoscope, there is a visual transformation of the depicted particles, and the primary element will never be the same again. You are the spectator and the observer; only you can see what the three mirrors show you. This metaphorical collage is an allusion of the artist who creates a system of life codes, changing their plastic meaning from rotation.

Katarina Love is a Russian light and sand artist from Tver. She currently gave up on applied art practices and has focused on socio-cultural activities and on envisioning expressive and poignant, sometimes even grotesque, concepts. The leitmotif of her works is the analysis of human nature, states, relationships, searches, changes and experiences.