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5. 9. 2021   8.30pm
Studio Alta, Prague 4


Phonotropic Blindness is an audio-visual composition enlivening the water element in its diverse forms: from the capricious bubbling of mineralised springs to the streams of water harnessed in our homes’ pipes to the deep rumble of sea and ocean depths with the ingredients of boat traffic, communication and industrial sounds thrown in. The multi-channel sound composition unveils the fragile relationships between micro- and macro-events in the underground, water, and industrial ambience. The live performance evokes alchemic experiments and pagan rituals as well as microscope observations of natural processes and laboratory analyses of the chemical composition of substances. Close-ups of natural elements and abstract shapes formed by changing sound frequencies evoke a hypnotically magical experience. The immersive sounds and their visualisations also point out the indifference to the increasing sound pollution of water bodies and the ubiquity of this fundamental, life-spawning element.


Michal Kindernay is an intermedia artist, curator and performer. His audio-visual installations interconnect art, film, technology and science. He reflects ecological issues through various technological approaches in relation to nature environment. His works include video performances, interactive installations or experimental documentary projects or sound compositions. He is one of the founders or yo-yo non profit culture organization and initiator or RurArtMap project. He was one of the curators of S kolska 28 gallery in Prague. He teaches in Prague College – MA Fine Art and in Centre of Audiovisual Studies in Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts (creative modules). As an organizer or artist he was involved in many international projects. He works and lives in Prague. 

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