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Eddy Ekete  / Kinact /DRC,FRA/
Spiritual Meal, 2017
Video,  3:38

“Performer Eddy Ekete, dressed as a hospital patient, sits at a table in the middle of a Kinshasa street, wearing a gas mask over his face and hopelessly trying to eat the fruit placed in front of him...” The Congolese activist’s short performance succinctly touches on several layers of local and global issues: the difficulty of securing livelihoods for large sections of the population and ensuring functional agriculture due to drought and underinvestment, while also highlighting the extreme air pollution in the Congolese capital Kinshasa with 15 million inhabitants. In the broader context of our theme of digital identity, there is also a reference to alienation and the absence of physical and sensory experience, a kind of ‘impossibility of saturation’ within virtual communication.

Documentation of live performance, Kinact #2, 2017, Selembao district, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Eddy Ekete_Kinact_Spiritual meal (1).png

The Kinact Festival is a performative project that seeks to connect art, artists and the people of Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) through works of art installed in the streets and outskirts of Kinshasa. Kinact is a project led by artists and cultural operators aimed at the development and cultural exchange that aims to develop and exchange between contemporary artists in the South and North, especially between Africa and Europe: Kinshasa and European cities. Kinact is led by artists Eddy Ekete and Aude Bertrand. The artists and speakers are united by a shared will to present aesthetic and social issues of contemporary people in the city centre through the presentation of artistic performances in public space.

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