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Re-connect Art International Performance and Multimedia Art Festival: Virtual Body of Society will take place from 13 to 30 July 2023 in public spaces mainly in the centre of Prague (capital of the Czech Republic). In three consecutively launched programme blocks, it will present approximately ten live performances, a section of video installations, and an international showcase of video art works that will be presented on screens and LED panels placed in busy public places: squares and relaxation zones, libraries, cafés, arcades, shopping, cultural and community centres, railway stations, hospital waiting rooms, etc. The hybrid form of the festival combines the presentation of artworks in public spaces with the possibility of online, remote participation. This format was created in response to the conditions created by the global pandemic crisis, and our vision for the future is to continue to develop and adapt contemporary technologies for the arts.


About Prague Biennale 

A globally acclaimed contemporary art event, the Prague Biennale was founded in 2003 by Helena Kontova and Giancarlo Politi and is organised by the Nadace Prague Biennale Foundation (established in 2004). 
After the pioneering first edition, organised along with the National Gallery in 2003, three successful editions followed in the grandiose industrial space of Karlin Hall, in the futuristic Microna skyscraper and at the Žižkov Freight Station,  finally revitalising the vibrant district of Žižkov. The principal goal of the event in all its previous editions was to explore and capture the current trends on the contemporary art scene in the Central and Eastern European Region and present the best artists and curators to experts as well as to the general public.
Since joining the Magic Carpets European Creative Platform end of 2017, the Prague Biennale Foundation has launched a new, more concentrated annual series of the Prague Biennale Project. At the forefront of the new model, with a variable structure that reinvents itself from year to year, there are community based site-specific projects and implementations focused on the transformation of public space.

Subtitled Re-connect Art, the current fifth edition of the Prague Biennale Projekt will examine the identity of homo digital and the specifics of self-presentation in the virtual domain. The project aims to challenge the city's public space through live artistic interventions and to stimulate an open debate on current issues through confrontation with world art.

The curators of the current edition of the festival are Jitka Hlaváčková and Elis Unique.




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