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7. 9. 2021   4pm
Berlin, Germany

at brotfabrik, cleaning lady - gaby bila.jpg

In her performance, Lady Gaby addresses the question of what is "newly normal" in the post-pandemic world. He works with the topic of communication and re-establishing live connections. Her interactive site-specific work will be streamed live from a public space in Berlin, where she will respond verbally or through various activities to the demands of the audience. 


Gaby Bila-Günther, aka Lady Gaby, is a spoken word, performance and visual artist, writer, event organiser. Her provocative work expresses her daily life, encounters with others and her surroundings. Her collages express feminist identities, they strip down the normative beauty standards and the protagonists turn into surreal characters that embody imperfections, fantasies, twisted cultural traits and expectations.  She has performed, curated and showed text based, photo, collage and video works in most of Europe, Australia and USA. At present she hosts The WORD BANK Radio show,  a monthly live radio broadcast in Wedding and the event, The Poetic Groove, a night of performance artists and musicians fuse on stage. Lady Gaby performs with the feminist, queer and burlesque show, The Cunt LAB. She is part of the international performance artist feminist Berlin based group, Normativ Gaze in Performance Art and The Domestic Mapping as well as performer and member in the collective, The Poetry Brothel Berlin. Originally from Romania, she currently lives and works in Berlin.

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