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LOCUS / Thale Fastvold & Tanja Thorjussen    NOR   
GILDED TREES nr 8,  2020
Video performance, 6:00 min

Film, photo and edit: Margarida Paiva

Locus_Gilded trees (1)_edited.png

The video captures a performance series by LOCUS where two women use 24 carat gold leaf to gild a living birch tree using honey as a natural adhesive. Through the traditional human medium of gilding sacred objects, they attempt to connect with and honour the trees and nature at large. They perceive a shift from the anthropo-centric/human-centred worldview towards a broader, more balanced way of living and understanding the world. This includes honouring and nurturing all aspects of nature. Locus has performed gilded trees in Palermo, Moscow, Everglades, Humboldt, Hamar, and Sognsvann og Västra Ämtervik. 


Established by Thale Fastvold and Tanja Thorjussen in 2006, LOCUS is an artist duo based in Oslo that works with performance, artist books, video and public art. As a nomadic and fluctuating entity, LOCUS produces exhibitions and presents artists in various locations nationally and internationally. Recent projects include a performance at Østlandsutstillingen in Hamar, an art installation at Kvinnemuseet in Kongsvinger and an exhibition at Cosmoscow in Russia.

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