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Lorenzo Papanti /ITA/
Dimensional Spasm, 2021
Video, 3:33 

The Dimensional Spasm video performance takes place in a hybrid dimension. The author situates the action in a landscape that shows signs of the apocalypse. The individual is there alone but perceives the surrounding world through virtual reality glasses. Thus, he falls into a further dimension escaping from the inevitable future. His new mutation leaves behind its two-dimensional representation as a digital trace of his presence. 

Camera: Giulia Verugi


Lorenzo Papanti is an Italian visual artist, architect and engineer. He graduated from the University of Pisa DESTEC in 2014. His works mostly take the form of video performances, often mixed with electronic technologies. The exploration of physical and mental space represents a constant of his artistic research; his works and installations constitute hypothetical dimensions and hybrid digital places. Papanti carries out mental experiments in which the uniqueness of physical dimensions is questioned, exploring the perception of matter and the intangible signals that overlap and constitute contemporary reality. Reflecting on the ambiguity of the contemporary world and infinite communicative potentials, he creates visual experiences and narratives.

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