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Loretta Lau         HKG       
COVID 19/21, 2020-2021
Video,   9:07 min

Concept, performance: Loretta Lau

Filmmaker: Jakub Zajíček

Thanks to 317 participants from all over the world

Loretta Lau_covid 19 & 21 ten minutes cut.00_07_50_04 (2).jpg

Covid 19/21 is a testimony of people across the globe affected by the pandemic; an archive recording this pivotal moment that changed the world; a campaign to share our ideas and inspire others. The online performance series started with the first wave of the pandemic and kept on capturing the development of the interviewees’ daily lives during the period of isolation. The short video summarises over 300 testimonies into one comprehensive documentary, telling the collective story in a lucid way that may give the future generations a chance to experience this point in history.

Wai Ting Loretta Lau was born in British Hong Kong. She worked as a visual arts teacher for seven years, witnessing major changes since Hong Kong’s transition to China from the British colonial administration. In 2018, she moved to Prague and established herself as a political performance artist. Relocating, she joined one of the most recent diaspora waves of the post-1980’s generation. Her projects have recently incorporated and/or applied distinctive meditative/poetical methods to politically sensitive topics, spanning from the coronavirus crisis to the current Hong Kong protests to the role of women in contemporary society. Her works are probing the boundaries between political and personal identities.

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