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5. 9. 2021   4pm
Loretta Lau: MEET AGAIN
Centre for contemporary Art DOX, Prague 7


Concept: Loretta Lau

Sound: Barry Wan

Visual effects: Petr Hanžl

Loretta Lau, meet again, 2021, photo Jakub Zajíček_2.jpg

A 20-minute multimedia live performance includes a guided imagery session by Hong Kong performance artist Loretta Lau, sound provided by sonic artist Barry Wan, and visual effects courtesy of independent visual artist Petr Hanžl.The audience becomes part of the performance as the projection screen. They are asked to close their eyes so that they can see the frequency of the images, but not the actual image. The fictitious narrative of this guided imagery performance tells the story of an artist’s journey back to Hong Kong 20 years later with a future daughter who has never been to Hong Kong, her mother’s homeland. This art piece is a unique experience that allows the audience to create different scenes in their minds through the psychological experience of the exiled artist from the audience’s own creation.

Wai Ting Loretta Lau was born in British Hong Kong. She worked as a visual arts teacher for seven years, witnessing major changes since Hong Kong’s transition to China from the British colonial administration. In 2018, she moved to Prague and established herself as a political performance artist. Her relocation made her join one of the most recent diaspora waves of the post-80’s generation. Recently, her projects incorporate or apply distinctive meditative/poetical methods to politically sensitive topics, spanning from the coronavirus crisis to the current Hong Kong protests to the role of women in contemporary society. Her works are searching the boundaries between political and personal identities.

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