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Maiia V                                 RUS 
Short film, 03:54 min

Starring: Nikita Serkov       

Maiia V - 1 (1)_edited.jpg

Have you ever found a caterpillar and brought it home to see if it’ll turn into a butterfly? Slowly pupating in a tight space to become a beautiful moth that can fly later on. In 2020 we all became those caterpillars. The isolation was both exciting and frustrating. “GENESIS” studies the influence of “forced volunteer” actions on humans; the rise of the new world.

Maiia V was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She began her photography career in 2011 and went on to graduate from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV in the Cinematography Department. Her work evolves from careful observation and is a symbiosis of art and the documentary.

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