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María Belén Robeda /ARG/
Nature Fiction, 2020
Video, 4:10

The relationship between the human self and nature is constantly intertwined with María Belén Robeda’s video. Purely geometric shapes disrupt natural forms, the shadow structure is inhabited by the body. Are we still able to determine which part belongs to the natural world and which is artificial? 

An abstract and poetic reflection on contradictions, novelties, the human tendency towards appropriating everything that nature creates and implementing it in the human hybrid system, and the inevitability of an identity crisis.

Participation: Andrea Faraco, Belen Lesna


María Belén Robeda_Nature Fiction2.jpg

María Belén Robeda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1991. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts (UNLP, Buenos Aires) in 2015, and in Art from the University of Seville in 2019. Her work oscillates between visual art and scenography, or drawing and completely interdisciplinary practices. In recent years, she has participated, among others, in the International Performance Festival “Forma y Sustancia” in Costa Rica; “Video dance Festival” in Brazil; “Tudanzas” in Barcelona, Spain; “Art Basel Cities” in Buenos Aires; “Vitrine01” in Germany; “Imaginarius Festival”, “Festival Internacional de Teatro de Rua” in Portugal; “Con’uencias” in Argentina; “Circuitos” in Spain and other exhibitions and art festivals.

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