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Nina Rapi    GRC/GBR
Video,  8:48 min

Concept/ text/ voice: Nina Rapi

Music: Maria Voumvaki

Choreography/ dance: Lida Doumouliaka

Video art & editing: Com.odd.or aka Sofia Papadopoulou 

Nina Rapi_Stay still, video still2 (2).JPG

Stay still so you don’t hurt is a response to quarantine where text, music, dance and video art intertwined into a poetic piece on healing through memories and dreams. It all comes out of an inner urge to create and communicate with other artists. The final project is a product of artistic cooperation, yet maintaining each participant’s own artistic autonomy and authentic expression.

Nina Rapi is a bilingual playwright. Her plays have been presented in Athens (e.g., the National Theatre, Theatro Technis, Onassis Cultural Centre, and Theatro Voyiatzis) and previously in London (e.g., the Southbank Centre, Riverside studios, Soho Theatre Studio, andOval House Theatre).

COM.ODD.OR aka Sofia Papadopoulou is a digital and video artist. Since 1999, she has participated in Greek and international exhibitions and art projects and in 2002 she formed COM.ODD.OR, a visual enhancement group which focuses on printmaking, multimedia installations, live visual performances, interactive multimedia, and digital arts.

​Lida Doumouliaka is a Greek choreographer, dancer and musician. After graduating from the Greek National School of Dance in 2016, she performed with the Hellenic Dance Company and has also worked as a dance teacher and freelance choreographer, taking part in many dance festivals of Greece. Since 2018, Lida has been a member of Simone Mongelli’s Body Music Company where she has performed as a singer and body percussionist. 

​Maria Voumvaki studied piano and counterpoint at the Greek National Conservatory. She often combines electronic, classical and pop elements in her music, and composes music for various theatrical productions.


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