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Oleksandr Isaienko /UKR/
Adieu, Corpus!, 2018
Video,  8:06

A short film about the versatility of the human body. The body is flesh, a corpus, a frame for organs, an assembly of limbs, a set of rules and limits by which we define ourselves. The film shows the body as a place, not a subject. It travels along its boundaries, groping along and searching for the way through events non-linearly, balancing on the edge of the rules, until finally... it crosses its own limitations and steps out of the frame. The physical body dies and transforms into a virtual one.


Model: Denys Chernei

Oleksandr Isajenko_Adieu, Corpus!_1.jpg

Oleksandr Isaienko was born in 1976 in Izmail, Ukrainian SSR. He is a Ukrainian artist who works with various media, including photography, video and text. He lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine. Oleksandr has won numerous awards and his work has been presented in galleries and at many art festivals around the world.

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