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Antonín Brinda



2. 6. 13:00 Performative lecture

In the second half of 2023, the artist Antonín Brinda visited approximately fifteen countries and territories in Asia for work-related reasons, often at a very fast pace. The frequent relocation (mostly by plane) and the associated changes in contexts, besides the expected positive effects such as broadening horizons, also resulted in considerable emotional fluctuations, feelings of loneliness and misunderstanding, body exhaustion, injuries or illness. In the form of a performative lecture called Shagai, the artist looks for opportunities to absorb these intense experiences and share his inner feelings with a society obsessed with appearances.


Antonín Brinda (born 1990) is a Czech conceptual artist and performer based in Europe. In his performative art work he focuses on urban art, body art and walking. Brinda creates minimalist, long-lasting, conceptual site-specific works exploring the areas of urbanism, transport infrastructure, political geography and international mobility, through which he observes the position of the individual in a globalized world and the influence of power structure on human lives. The center of Brinda’s interest is big cities and a nomadism, therefore his mobile lifestyle and constant traveling is reflected in his artwork. Brinda is also involved in curatorial work, he has organised many performative projects in the Czech Republic, Germany, North-Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Turkey. His work has been presented in galleries and festivals in Europe and beyond (Mongolia, China, Thailand, Russia).

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