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Barbora Trnková



1.6. 17:00 Lecture

Barbora Trnková will present a summary of the results of her artistic research in which she adopts her own glitch feminist intersectional perspective to confront the dominant narratives operating through the metaprograms embedded into the digital technologies. These narratives are currently almost cartoonishly accelerated by the boom of outputs labeled as artificial intelligence (AI). She will demonstrate how, in today’s digitally mediated era, these metaprograms continue to limit the potential, freedom, and lives of others. Those whose insights may be missing from our imagination of a meaningful and sensorily rich future.
As a photographer, Trnková approaches the medium of photography with the conviction that, rather than depicting objective reality, the resulting image reflects the perspective from which the (digital) devices making it possible to take the image were created. One’s own perspective can be seen as a photograph inscribed in the body of each of us. However, developing and showing this image is not always easy/possible.


Barbora Trnková is an artist, photographer, researcher, and curator. She received her art education at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology where she also earned her doctoral degree. In her artistic work, she focuses on digital art ( and participatory projects. In her artistic research, she critically reflects on metaprograms embedded in digital technologies with AI. She is a curator at the G99 Gallery of the House of Arts in Brno and, along with Tomáš Javůrek, has co-founded the ScreenSaverGallery (, a gallery in a screensaver and a platform for artistic research in digitally mediated reality. She has also contributed to the AI: All Idiots participatory exhibition project at MeetFactory which was one of the first to critically examine the intersection of art and artificial intelligence. Her achievements include the Brno University of Technology Rector’s Award and inclusion in the standing art collection of the City of Brno. She publishes scholarly texts and occasionally speaks at conferences (Black Box Book, The Future of Living with AI).

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