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Denisa Michalinová


Posthumanist (quasi)bodies

14. 6. 18:00 Lecture

The symbiotic equation of man and machine in contemporary new media practice. “One day, I realized that the display was looking back at me. It was too much intimacy.” The clash between you (your body) and the Technological Other takes on a poignancy. Where do you end and where does your quasi-double begin? Is there even a clear boundary between materiality and immateriality, or is everything subject to a gradual process of dematerialization? Have our bodies liquefied in the cybernetic flux of liquid crystals, data and algorithmic operations? In this piece, I will focus on the relational dimension of the physical body and its digital representation (human-machine symbiosis) in contemporary new media production (Ed Atkins, Filip Ćustić, Erica Scourti and others). The reading of multiplied bodies, flipped from physical space to virtual infrastructures and vice versa, will be based on and framed by posthumanist imagination and amplification. The tension between the animate and the inanimate (or more than animate) may work as yet another fissure in an anthropocentric mantra already being destroyed. Is there anything waiting beyond the valley of anxiety?


Denisa Michalinová is an art theorist who currently works at the National Gallery, focusing on modern and contemporary art, and as the editor of the visual section of at Artikl. She specializes in new media, philosophy of technology, postphenomenology and critical posthumanism. Her research focuses on the issues of dematerialization and bodily perception in relation to new technologies.

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