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FRAG collective



29.5. - 15.6. windbreaks / installation

The entire festival takes place on the piazzetta and in the production building of the National Theatre, which was adapted for the performance by the FRAG collective. The objects, composed of triangular elements, form leeward, or windbreaks, clues in an otherwise minimalist space. The installation provides a space for further performances and reactions of the artists and frames the festival's theme of uncovering and covering, the search for footholds or symbolic points of digital space and its connection with physical space.


The FRAG collective (Václav Janoščík, Adam Trbušek, Artur Magrot, Mikuláš Rett, Vilém Hušek, Jakub Kamenský) was founded at the AVU (3D Lab), and its work continuously deals with the formation of communities, the social ecology of basic human activities (work, rest, entertainment), the interconnection of art and gaming, education and the search for subtle gestures in response to contemporary social problems.

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