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Fuad Alymani



12. 6. 18:00 Debate

As you read these lines, people are dying in Gaza. Art cannot stop the bombs, heal the wounds or feed the hungry. But it can give a voice to those who suffer. It can move people to action. Raise awareness, contact local politicians, demand a ceasefire NOW!

Come and take part in a moderated debate with curator Zuzana Štefková and Palestinian artist Fuad Alymani, which we are organizing in cooperation with ARTWALL Gallery and which will inaugurate the exhibition of art posters that will take place from 7 June to 15 August on the Kpt.


Fuad Alymani, a Palestinian artist based in Prague, born in 1996, graduated in 2021 from Birzeit University in Palestine and Konstfack University in Sweden with a degree in contemporary visual arts. Starting his artistic journey at a young age, he completed eight levels at the "Young Artists Forum" in Ramallah and engaged in social creative activities with various organizations.

Alymani collaborated on notable exhibitions, including the "Ismail Shammout" exhibition in Bethlehem (2018) and the Zawyeh Gallery exhibition. Internationally, he participated in shows like the Arab Forum for Visual Artists in Cairo and Tangiers (2017-2018) and the Comics Festival in Amman and Cairo (2019). In Europe, he exhibited in Bratislava (2015) and Madrid(2023).

Beyond exhibitions, Fuad is a designer, working on magazine and book covers, as well as designs for the Palestinian embassy in Prague. He has received international honors, notably the 2014 World Health Organization award. Collaborating with towns and artists, he has initiated creative projects and mural works in Palestinian cities and Europe.

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