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Jānis Garančs



29.5 20:00 and 20:30 Live performance
1.6. 15:30 Lecture on role of data representation

During his residency in Prague, Jānis has developed a networked installation using 3D stereoscopic projections and spatial sound combined with live improvised performance. The large-scale abstract landscapes generated from juxtaposed value relationships of financial tokens, meant to literally immerse the viewer, are generated from publicly available data from online cryptocurrency exchanges. In this way, the artist critically reflects on the gamblification and gamification tendencies in global economic processes, which are increasingly concerned with intangible assets and, in his view, embody the zeitgeist and the process of transformation from a market economy society to a market value society.

During the course of the Re-connect Art festival Jānis will also give a lecture about the multiplex role of representation of data, during which he will explain the informative, explorative as well as manipulative data use in visual commercial communication, politics, economy and other sectors.

Jānis Garančs’ residency project is supported by the European Fund for Emerging Artists - EFFEA, an initiative of the European Festivals Association (EFA), co-funded by the European Union.


Since 2000, Latvian artist and immersive media researcher Jānis Garančs has been working primarily with interactive multimedia installations and performances focusing on stereoscopic image and 3D sound, exploring the perceptual phenomenology of immersive audiovisual expression. His works draw inspiration from various concepts of contemporary theoretical physics, communication theory and evolutionary theories. His work often combines dystopian, "dark visions of the future" with a light touch of irony on contemporary "ordinary" and "digital" urban reality.

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