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Jatun Risba



15. 6. 18:00 Live performance

Jatun Risba, a transmedia performance artistS from Slovenia will present at Re-connect Art two works.
A 2 channel video 'Know Thyself' documenting a live intervention in the European Parliament will be part of the festival exposition. The project is a manifestation of the desire of the EU young generation to live a free, informed, healthy, active and respectful life, while recognizing that being part of a sane society is absolutely crucial condition of achieving that.

Her live performance NOT AN ADOLESCENT GIRL is based on the Tibetan process of Feeding your Demons. It will be part of the Decolonisation of the Self block on 15th June. The project evokes, feeds and transmutes the “demons of trauma” into self-empowerment forces. The actio has a structure of a Possession Rite that advocates adorcism (instead of exorcism) through the thinking-body of the artist becoming the channel of transindividual experience.


Jatun Risba (1986, they/them) is a transmedial performance artist from Slovenia. In their artwork they focus on ecofeminist, conceptual and relational art and performance, and the artistic practices of abjection, détournement, art intervention and happening. Risba is inspired by world’s wisdom traditions, explore deviant uses of contemporary technologies and through performative ritualism, they try to unveil the magic and poetry in everyday reality and thus restore the divide between nature and culture. Risba participated in last year's Reconnect Art festival, the Biennale in Norway and Bangkok, exhibition projects in Italy and Slovenia, and they have given lectures and workshops internationally. They received their bachelor's degree in the field of Fashion and Textile design, then studied New Media Arts at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, Philosophy of Language at the University of Roma Tre and received a postgraduate certificate at Central Saint Martin at the University of the Arts London in the field of Art & Science.

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