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Jeanne Susin + Ornella Noulet


7. 6. concert

Improvised Electro-experimental duo: Ornella Noulet on Saxophone and Jeanne Susin on Midi Keybord.
It is an investigation of new organic sensuality. From Pop songs to Free Jazz, very sad love tunes to powerful trance. Acid, irreverent, sweet, wild and light at the same time.


Jeanne Susin is a French artist, singer, songwriter, composer, and performer. Early on, she initiated collaborative projects in which music, performance, visual arts and theater intersect. Since 2016 Jeanne Susin has been extensively engaged in the contemporary art scene, collaborating with artists such as Samuel Achache, Babouillec SP. Since 2020, she's developing a new electronic poetic world with Oleg Ossina. In 2022, they created Chute Libre, an electronic opera that combines visual arts, theater and performances. A piece that is dystopian and marvelous at the same time, it questions the functioning of contemporary society and confronts humans with their psychological disturbances. In addition, Jeanne is actively collaborating with various musicians who perform in a variety of styles, including electro-pop, trip hop, jazz and contemporary music.
Ornella Noulet is a French saxophonist and part of the young emergence of the contemporary jazz scene. Noted by New York City’s famous Relative Pitch Records label, she is currently preparing the release of her first solo album Promise of Faithfulness. Complementing her passion for modal jazz, Ornella also focuses with enthusiasm and dedication on free improvisation and sound research. Having spent more than fifteen years in conservatories in France and Belgium, she is currently based in Brussels and evolves alongside various musicians. She has performed and shared stages with artists such as Farida Amadou & Moor Mother at AB, and Han Bennink and Terrie Ex at the Summer Bummer Festival.

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