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Katharina Joy Book & Eszter Koncz



12. 6. 19:30 live performance - installation

Tornado Watch means: the conditions are right where you are. It is not a tornado warning – there are no sirens, no one has even confirmed they have seen a cloud. We are just saying, the conditions are right, and so we watch.

Tornado Watch is an object performance-installation that creates analogue weather simulations – future, fictional, and impossible weather. In the performance, the artists work with changes of perspective between room-scale meteorological phenomena and space weather forecasts, playing with physicality and artificiality, time and delay, sentimentality and everyday catastrophes. With its playfulness and irreverence, the project speaks about the necessity of curiosity in crisis while asking questions about the resources and limits of individual responsibility.

Tornado Watch is part of an ongoing research into the dramaturgy of the background (“events that don’t address us”), which the duo began in 2021.


Katharina Joy Book is a German writer and performer. Eszter Koncz is a Hungarian visual artist and performer. Since 2020, they have been collaborating on beyond-human, non-narrative situations in performance.

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